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Books are the sign-posts

Main_avenueMosaic street sign-post in Ocean Grove, NJ

"... I forgot that we are no longer children: you cannot guess how much we men, and more than all, perhaps, we writers whose task it is to unravel the web of human actions, owe even to our own past errors; and if we learned nothing by the errors of others, we should be dull indeed. We must know where the roads divide, and have marked where they lead to, before we can erect our sign-post; and books are the sign-posts in human life."

~ an excerpt from "My Novel; Or, Varieties in English Life, Part 2" by Edward Bulwer Lytton

Insubordinately curious

It was just me and the just-rising man in the moon on my walk; we discussed my curious streak of insubordination (not submitting to authority) / New Jersey / Dec. 2009

“This I always remember — insubordination: it became a way of life for me after that.”

~ Azir Nafisi in her wonderful book about curiosity and insubordination in the face of tyranny Reading Lolita in Tehran

“Curiosity is insubordination in its purest form.”

~ Vladimir Nabokov (as quoted by Nafisi)

The qualities that keep us human

Taking time to celebrate together / New Jersey / Nov. 2008

“Malaka Nazli hadn't simply been a place, I realized, but a state of mind. It was where you could find an extraordinary, breathtaking level of humanity. What it lacked in privacy, what it failed to provide by way of modern comforts — hot running water, showers, electric stoves, refrigerators, telephones — it more than made up for in mercy and compassion and tenderness and grace, those ethereal qualities that make and keep us human.”

~ Lucette Lagnado in her book The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit

Celebrate the freedom to read

A google book online: Historical Collections of the State of New Jersey containing a General collection of the most interesting facts, traditions, biographical sketches, anecdotes, etc. / published in 1844

Did you know that this is banned books week? Did you know that google books has thousands of books that you can read online? Go to www.books.google.com and search any topic. The window above gives you a peak into one of the online books. You can search within this book (published in 1844), zoom in and out on the page, and browse up to 20% of the book.