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Avoid monotony, girls

The dictum of common sense

The-dictum-of-common-senseMan arrested for "violating the dictum of common sense" / NYTimes Sept. 7, 1926 /

We need only the dictum of common sense to decide that the things which soothe us entertain us satisfy our hearts, are helpful things. Have you not been in rooms where every individual piece of furniture was, in shape and shade, at war with every other piece, and gone away weary, disgusted, belligerent, without perhaps knowing what had caused your soul-ferment? Have you not entered, tired, heated, irritated, into an apartment where every article of furniture was in entire relation of form, and in perfect harmony of tint with every other article, and gone out calmed and refreshed and strengthened?

~ excerpt from "Occupations for women: a book of practical suggestions for the material advancement, the mental and physical development, and the moral and spiritual uplift of women" by Frances Elizabeth Willard (1897)


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