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Posts from February 2014

Hands on

Knitting-stripesLanesplitter in progress / Feb 2014

Knitting in the sounds and surroundings. The colors and conversations. Knitting is time solidified.

Roasted apples and potatoes

Snow-fireA fire-breathing dragon sets down / Feb 2014

When you're being creative, you confront things. You ask questions. You think, "What could that be? Why is that like that? Isn't there another way to do this?" It's an atititude.

~ Paula Scher

The poetry of hands, 52

Snow-came-last-nightOver there / Feb 2014

It's been a wild winter in Jersey. Intense fog this morning. Then thunder. Lightning. Today walking it was over 50 degrees. There are still huge piles of snow and most lawns are snow-covered. A gentle wind that turned alternately warm and cold blew by me. Like swimming in the lake in the summer when you hit warm and cold patches...

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will" ~ Karim Seddiki

Winter's light

Morning_snowIn the early morning light / Feb 2014

"The snow came last night...
Now, in the morning light,
she greets us gently,
a prayer shawl donned upon the land."

~ Ken Herburn (via Mitza)