The Poetry of Hand-made, 48
The Clementine Experiment

Waiting for us to map it

Obama_parade_marchPresident Obama and Michelle Obama walk in our Inaugural day parade / Washington, DC / January 21, 2013

One sun rose on us today, kindled over our shores, ...

My face, your face, millions of faces in morning's mirrors, ...

All of us as vital as the one light we move through, ...

One ground. Our ground, rooting us to every stalk ...


We head home: through the gloss of rain or weight
of snow, or the plum blush of dusk, but always—home,
always under one sky, our sky. And always one moon
like a silent drum tapping on every rooftop
and every window, of one country—all of us—
facing the stars
hope—a new constellation
waiting for us to map it,
waiting for us to name it—together.

~ an excerpt from Inaugural poet Richard Blanco's poem "One Today" read at the swearing-in ceremony for President Obama.


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