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Tree_landscape_1111Here I return the call / Ideal nesting places for owls / Park on the Rancocas Creek / Nov. 2011

Late at night I sit at my computer thinking and typing while outside an owl calls out. hoot-da-ta-doot-hoot-hoot. hoot-da-ta-doot-hoot-hoot. The sound comforts me. Some cultures believe that the owl is a harbinger of something bad happening. I prefer to think like the ancient Greeks who associated owls with wisdom. hoot-da-ta-doot-hoot-hoot. hoot-da-ta-doot-hoot-hoot. The Incas venerated the owl for its beautiful eyes. hoot-da-ta-doot-hoot-hoot. hoot-da-ta-doot-hoot-hoot. The owl is a symbol for the island of Krk in Croatia where my ancestors lived. hoot-da-ta-doot-hoot-hoot. hoot-da-ta-doot-hoot-hoot. Some say if you hear the cry of the owl that you must return the call. hoot-da-ta-doot-hoot-hoot. hoot-da-ta-doot-hoot-hoot. Some say owls are old people and should be respected. hoot-da-ta-doot-hoot-hoot. hoot-da-ta-doot-hoot-hoot.



Mama Francesca writes: Thank you for the comfort of the owl!! the trees reach to the heavens like hands praying!!

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