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And the meat picked out

Joanne&ed_pickingcrabs Picking crabs / my Aunt Joanne had a wonderful, infectious laugh that I will miss / Balto., MD circa 1970s

"Crisfield, in the ... summer is the largest crab shipping point in the world. ... The soft crab business, which has been so largely developed in recent years, has been better this year than ever and a conservative estimate places the quantity shipped at 1,500,000 dozen, worth at least $400,000. During the past two years the shipping of crab meat has been added to that of shipping soft crabs and oysters. Hard crabs are cooked in large steam vats and the meat picked out by women. The meat is then placed in gallon cans and shipped all over the country. About 50,000 gallons were shipped from Crisfield this year and sold for between $40,000 and $50,000."

~ Annual report of the Bureau of Statistics and Information of Maryland published by the Maryland Bureau of Statistics and Information, 1904