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The remarkable wind effect

Setting_sun_ww Setting sun over beach art during a heat wave / Wildwood, NJ

This was the evening (when the thermometer read 74 degrees and a cool breeze whipped around the exposed beach) before the afternoon when the temperature hit 104 degrees, which can feel remarkably refereshing when a breeze comes off the ocean's cool water: nature's version of air conditioning.

It's July and the garden is full

Girlinthegarden Girl in the garden with the Russian Sage / July 2011

This was the day when the girl of sixteen summers who loved to wander the garden and pick flowers had an epiphany: she must keep a journal -- write everything down -- to remember all the beautiful, ordinary moments of her life.

The poetry of the summer sun

Poetryofsummersun Enjoying the "lamp of day" / Summer 1999

"There are people one meets in books or in life whom one does not merely observe, meet, or know. A deep resonance of one's entire being is immediately set up with the entire being of the other (Cor ad cor loquitur) -- heart speaks to heart in the wholeness of the language of music; true friendship is a kind of singing."

~ Thomas Merton, Conjectures of A Guilty Bystander, 1968

Seagull cease your sneaky snitching

Seagull_snacks Happy hour snacks safely in the portable bag that was tied on the top and hidden under the towel while we were swimming / Wildwood, NJ

This was the late afternoon by the pool with the glass of Prosecco and the bag of snacks and making sure that the seagulls would not feel invited to feast along-side like they did last year when they screamed loudly, knocked over the jar of nuts, frightened the girl, and helped themselves to whatever they pleased.