Beautiful in its simplicity
The poetry of hands, 41

Blogging is but conversation carried on with digital assistance

Visitinglight Light through the window brightens the afternoon like the correspondence of a friend or confidante (whether it arrives with a beep on my computer or in an envelope on the front porch)

“Letter writing is, in fact, but conversation, carried on with the pen, when distance or circumstances prevent the easier method of exchanging ideas, by spoken words. Write, therefore, as you would speak, were the person to whom your letter is addressed seated beside you. As amongst relatives and intimate friends you would converse with a familiar manner, and in easy language, so in your letters to such persons, let your style be simple, entirely devoid of effort.”

~ an excerpt from The Ladies' Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness: A complete handbook for the use of the Lady in polite society, 1872, by Florence Hartley (also the author of Ladies' Handbook of Fancy and Ornamental Work)



Do you still have those curtains and would you be willing to sell them to me?

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