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Of the moon

Ourmoon Our inseparable companion ... / Holiday window painting, Umberto's Clam House NYC

"Next to the sun, the Moon is the most splendid and shining globe in the heavens, the satellite, or inseparable companion of the earth. By dissipating, in some measure, the darkness and horrors of the night, subdividing the year into months, and regulating the flux and reflux of the sea, she not only becomes pleasing, but a welcome object; an object affording much for speculation to the comtemplative mind, of real use to the navigator, the traveller ..."

~ Astronomical and Geographical Essays: Containing a Full and Comprehensive View, On a New Plan, of the General Priciples of Astronomy; The Use of the Celestial and Terrestrial Gloves, Exemplified in a Greater Variety of Problems, than are to be Found in any Other Work; ... by George Adams, Mathematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty, etc., 1803


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