Where the sun at his setting
Of the moon

Every hour of the day

Solstice_sunspot Solstice_moonspot

Solstice sun-spot (top): this morning the sun came in the back window, traveled down the stairs, across the room, and lit up the corner like a burning bush. / Solstice moon-spot (bottom): I went walking at 5 PM, looking, looking for the moon which was nowhere to be seen until I rounded the corner and walked right into the smiling glow of the man in the moon, rising at the end of the street.

"The magic of the starry heavens does not fail with the decline of the sun in winter, but, on the contrary, increases in power when the curtains of the night begin to close so early that by six o'clock the twilight is gone and the firmament has become a dome of jet ablaze with clusters of living gems.  ...  When the earth is locked fast in the bonds of winter the sparkling heavens seem most alive."

~ Round the Year with the Stars by Garrett P. Serviss, 1910



For many years I too, have loved noticing the unusual places within the house that the sun lights up during the few weeks surrounding winter solstice. It is the places that the sunlight never reaches throughout the rest of the year that always catch my attention. This to me suggests that the knowledge that was captured in Stonehenge evolved over time as early civilizations noted similar projections around their dwellings.
I love your fireball photo.

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