The peaceful arts
A fable

In copious tribute

Nov12_1955 My Mitza (48 years old), Pap (52 years old), and Grandmom (49 years old) on Clearfield Street in Philadelphia on the wedding day of their children / Nov. 12, 1955

“That humble current of little kindnesses, which, though but a creeping streamlet, incessantly flows; although it glides in silent secresy within the domestic walls, and along the walks of private life, and makes neither appearance nor noise in the world; pours, in the end, a more copious tribute into the store of human comfort and felicity, than any sudden and transient flood of detached bounty, however ample, that may rush into it with a mighty sound.” 

~ Anna Laetitia Barbauld, in The Female Speaker, or, Miscellaneous pieces, in prose and verse selected from the best writers and adapted to the use of young women

Happy 55th Anniversary Frankie and Berntz


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