The poetry of hands, 34, sprouting glasses
Blue is the color

The poetry of hands, 35

Mitza_sketchingMitza sketching the girl wearing the sindhi topi / August 2010

Think about this: Drawing is a natural activity you do all the time. Every time you sign your name you draw a special line. Every time you steer a car you are drawing a line with your hands. Your life depends on its accuracy.

Aiming a flashlight is drawing a line. Throwing a ball uses the same eye-hand skills as drawing. When you tie your shoelace or mix batter or pet a dog, you are drawing in the air. We sing all the time, too; talking is singing. We dance all the time; walking is dancing. Marching is just moving to a beat. We draw all the time. But when it becomes significant, when it involves ART, it intimitdates us into incompetence.”

~ an excerpt from The Creative License by Danny Gregory


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