The poetry of hands, 37
Industrious in the use of the needle

Home economy

Knitdress Knit dress in progress / August 2010

“Long before researchers found that experiences, not purchases, are what make us truly happy, home economists had it figured out. They taught their students that people who 'live richly' budget more for 'books and travel, leisure and hobbies, home improvements, entertaining, and giving' than for material possessions. So wrote Grace Margaret Morton of the University of Nebraska in 1943; she specialized in dress design but knew that mere stuff had limitations.

It amazes me how often we rediscover the truths set forth by earlier women scholars. And don't get me started on how useful their lessons on thrift and the dangers of credit would be today.”

~ a letter to the NYTimes by Linda Przybyszewski, Ph.D.


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