Industrious in the use of the needle
A bouncy, undulating pattern

A haunting flavor

MoroccanteaMoroccan tea glass casts lovely shadows onto the tea pot at morning tea / August 2010

“The first cup of tea should have a haunting flavor, strange and lasting. When you drink tea, sip only, otherwise you will dissipate the flavor. Moderation is the very essence of tea.”

~ Lu Yu (from the book 'Tea: bioactivity and therapeutic potential' by Yong-su Zhen)

“...tea was reported to exhibit 24 kinds of physiological and therapeutic effects, such as causing less sleep, calming down, clearing sight, relieving headache, dispelling thirst, dissipating fever, detoxification, helping digestion, reducing obesity, diuresis, as a pectoral for chest diseases, invigorating, strengthening teeth, and more.” (summary of effects from Chinese books about tea (618-1911); also from Zhen's book)


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