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MidsummerA passing cloud highlights the summer sun / Beach Haven, NJ / June 2010

This was the sweltering (from the Germanic swel- "to burn slowly") midsummer day when, as the Wimbledon announcers put it, what your really needed was "a sit-down and a cup of tea."

Solstice eve

AllchairsondeckChairs resting while the sun sets / Beach Haven, NJ / June 2010

This was the Solstice eve when the dogs paced and the girls pirouetted and the wind blew and the sun shone and the waves crashed and the gulls hovered and the beach shimmered and the people laughed and the guitars hummed and we each sang our own special song.

Fluency and lightness

CaribbeanThe beauty of lights at night / Wildwood, NJ / June 2009

“In dance the gravity of the body is released. A fluency and lightness invest each gesture and stir the whole body. Stillness breaks in waves of visible grace.

... One of the most intriguing forms of dance is when an object is cut against the stillness in such a way that it becomes filled with the suggestion of movement.”

~ John O'Donohue (The Invisible Embrace of Beauty)


St_francis_gardenSt. Francis and his birds / June 2010

This was the day of being thankful for an office with open windows and tall trees outside where birds perched and sang their hearts out after talking on the phone to someone in a windowless office who wanted to know did I keep birds because they could hear them singing in the background.

Seashells at the seashore

ShellsondoorA collection of shells hanging on a front door / Beach Haven / June 2010

This was the day of blue skies and blue doors and blue eyes and windy walks and street sounds and meals eaten outside that worked to refresh and renew.

Fattoria Fresca

JerseyfreshMade with - Jersey Fresh - As Fresh As Fresh Gets - World Famous Vine Ripe - Crushed Tomatoes - with BASIL - Fattoria Fresca - Made with World Famous Jersey Fresh Tomatoes / packed fresh with no Citric Acid, no Concentrate, no Water, no Sugar in Williamstown, New Jersey / June 2010

the magic red fruit
cultivated by Aztecs
they say "tomati"