The consolation

The Shambolics

FastenersStraight pin, safety pin, paper clip — can any of these fasteners make order out of the shambles? / Dec. 2009

This was the day of pondering that word . . . shambolic. As in, disorderly or chaotic (it's a shambolic system). It even has an adverb version: shambolically; i.e., “in a shambolic mannner.” Seems like such an apt description for the state of the world and the state of my surroundings. Also a great name for a group of disorderly back-up singers . . . tonight we're pleased to welcome Jake Slake and the Shambolics.


Lu On'ion

Some example of "shambolic" used in headlines:
-- Shambolic and unfair: Watchdog's damning verdict on immigration service after 13 years of Labour government [Mail online]
-- Shambolic song contest (Sha-la-lie)[Radio Netherlands Worldwide]
-- David Sullivan vents fury at Gianfranco Zola's 'shambolic' West Ham United [The Guardian]

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