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51 View from the path, on the lookout for fruit trees bending their branches down / detail from a photo by JG

This was the day when the warrior girl resolved to cultivate the habit of embracing the four dignities of the warrior's path so as to become a better warrior (and thus, a better person).

The Four Dignities of the Warrior's Path (via Rob Brezsny):

  • The first dignity: Relaxed confidence; being at home in one's body.
  • The second dignity: Irrepressible joy. To develop it, a warrior cultivates the habit of seeing the best in everything and works diligently to avoid the self-indulgence of cynicism.
  • The third dignity: Outrageousness. The warrior who embodies this dignity loves to experiment, is not addicted to strategies that have been successful in the past, and has a passionate objectivity that's free of the irrelevant emotions of hope and fear.
  • The fourth dignity: Inscrutability. A skill at evading the pigeonholes and simplistic definitions that might limit the warrior's inventiveness while fighting for his or her moral vision.


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