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Haiku to the onion grass

Mosaic_mandalaA little piece of earth (full of onion grass tufts) and mosaic mandala / April 2010

This was the day of the celebration of the Earth Day and the still-vivid-remembrance-after-40-years of the bright green-and-white striped Ecology flag sticker that they handed out in school and thinking, even as a young kid, that taking care of the earth was a good idea.

Earth Day Haiku:

It said onion grass
tasty, like scallions or chives
I can't eat my lawn


Ch'uan Li

Onion grass grow tall
Block out the sun and the stars
Get the weed-whacker

Hu So'

Grass so delicate
Like fine embroidery thread
Take scissors to it

Lu On'ion

Hungry this morning
I rush outside to eat grass
Should have stayed in bed

the green geyser

Lawn poison No, No
Green geysers of onion grass
Taste good with vinaigrette

the green geyser

er ... "Good with vinaigrette"

Ch'uan Li

Onion grass, chop, chop
Its essence smothers the air
Eyes cry big fat tears


Without onion grass
My mower would sit two more
Weeks in quiet rest

Lu On'ion

O' grass like a song
Some praise, some damn, all inspire
Po-try in mo-tion

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