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Posts from March 2010

The companionable contessa

ContessaThe magical drop-down Title menu / March 2010

This was the morning when the magical drop-down menu presented the girl with an opportunity to Title herself and instantly become a Contessa (she'd always considered herself more of a Czarina but apparently that Title wasn't available on this day).

Grow in grace and peace

MitzasflowerFranciska's watercolor flowers / May 1999

This was the day it rained that followed the day it rained that followed the day it rained until you began to feel like a water-logged watercolor painting, edges growing all soft and smeary, to-do lists and to-don't lists running together in your mind until you didn't know what you were supposed to do and what you weren't supposed to do.

La Belle

YellowtulipsThe real beauty in La Belle et la Bête / March 2010

This was the night of the girl on the stage with the yellow tulips who smiled and sang and sparkled and glowed so that you couldn't take your eyes off her and each time she smiled and looked at the audience you were positive that she was smiling right at you.

The artist's studio, 3

Barbadino Bunk's all-night music studio where the tunes never stop / New Jersey / March 2010

This was one of the many nights of the mix tapes expert who was able to calculate, with uncanny accuracy, or maybe I should say with an engineer's accuracy, the precise mix of songs that would use every recordable inch of the 90-minute audio cassette tape, while producing an eclectic mingle of music.

Making room for the future

Ladybug Ladybug, ladybug fly away home and please take some clutter with you / New Jersey / Oct. 2009

I've been collecting things my whole life, filling the spaces. Now I find that I can't tolerate the mass of objects, the clutter. I want space. Empty space. Space to think. Space for what makes me feel happy and content and inspired and creative. I want closets and bookshelves with lots of empty space. I want to make room for the future.