As the women sat knitting, knitting
Knitting and Luthiering, 1

A mountain has eyes

SnowwhiteOn the mountain / Mt. House / Feb. 2010

Anthropomorphism has its place. It's
a starting point, at least. So, I'll say
if i have eyes, then a mountain has eyes,
and whatever happens after that
is poetry, where i become lost,
and there are no conditions, no
consequences. There's only the mountain,


Watery springs gossip sweet news, gurgling
falling from my throat, calling,
calling, calling: come, always, I Am
here; I Am/Mountain all around, above,
below, within. Come, there is nowhere to go...
I AM/singing, the Sound that is always here...

~ an excerpt from How to Talk with a Mountain by Elaine Maria Upton


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