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That which joins or unites

RuthandtoniRuth, 79, and her sister Toni, 85, once worked as milliners; originally from Neustrelitz, Germany, they survived concentration camps and Soviet labor camps and now struggle to survive in Brooklyn / New York Times photo by Michelle V. Agins / Jan. 21, 2010

Ruth's sweater (not to mention the beautiful faces of the two women) caught my eye. A lovely example of a seamless yoke sweater. It is my favorite style to knit — done in the round either top-down or bottom-up using a circular needle. A design element that radiates out and encircles the neck in a yoke-like fashion. It makes for a comfortable sweater, it's not fussy, requires very little finishing work, and there are millions of different colors and patterns to be knit — what could be better?

One of the definitions of yoke is “that which joins or unites; bond; tie” as in the yoke of friendship.


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