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Eddie did all that

Pappyremembers Stories passed down / Mountain House / Aug. 2008

This is the day of finding the piece of paper with scribbled notes of stories that Dad told me about his father (Pap):

  • When Pap's parents (Frank J. and Katherine) were older he and Grandmom (Eddie and Edna) would take them for a drive on Sunday afternoons to get them out of the house. They'd drive past a building and Frank J. would say, “I built that Building” or “I did all the work on ...” and Grandmom would respond, “Eddie did all that.”
  • Every crafts-person — electricians, bricklayers, masons, etc. — had a great opinion of Pap; he was always respected by everyone he worked with.
  • Dad worked with his father as a plumber's assistant during the summer from the time he was 12. One day he cut a thread on a pipe and then when he and Pap installed it, the pipe was slightly off. Pap took it out and measured the thread and it was off by 1/4". Pap made Dad cut it again. Pap said: “Even if it's in the wall and nobody will ever see it, I'll still know — it must all be plumb.”


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