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Wrought in the stitches

The youness of you

Wintersnap Pondering 'youness' and on the lookout for the brightening veils ... / New Jersey / Jan. 2010

“The essence of a thing is always elusive and hidden. The dream of art and prayer is to come nearer, even to slip through to dwell for a while in the vicinity of the essence. Daily life is blurred. We live between endless layers of darkening and occasionally brightening veils, but for the most part we remain outside the walls of what Kant affectionately called: 'the thing in itself.' We manage merely to live in the neighbourhood of things. Their essence is beyond our reach. The essence of a person is even more elusive. The medieval mind used the word 'ineffable' to suggest the essence of individuality. Your essence is the utter 'isness', the utter 'youness' of you.”

~ John O'Donohue, The Beauty of the Flaw from Beauty, The Invisible Embrace


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