Necessity being the mother of invention
The youness of you

Pirate stronghold and imperial city

Rabat Paulo arrived with a cardboard box of treasures from another time and place. When I saw the color and pattern of the ceramic (it took a minute to register that it was an ashtray; oh how times have changed), I thought Morocco! Spelled out along the rim of the tray were the words "Hotel" "Rabat" "Tour-Hassan" / presumably abducted from Rabat, once known as a pirate stronghold and an imperial city, now the capital of Morocco / Jan. 2010

The newscast says that they've reached a compromise on taxing health care plans and that an individual paying $8,500 a year has a “gold-plated” health insurance policy. Excuse me? Since when is there a correlation between what health insurance costs and the benefits that you get? Not in any of the plans that are available to me. I am only $868 away from that number — and I'll probably be there next year. OK. I just read a story about this at the NYTimes. It mentions “employer-sponsored” insurance plans. Does that mean it doesn't include me since I pay for it all myself? Just like everything else in this health care bill nothing is clear and: “Congressional leaders have been careful to stress that nothing is agreed on in the health care talks until everything is agreed on.” Great. Maybe I should take up smoking and imagine myself sitting under the Moorish arches and tile work on the patio cafe at the La Tour Hassan Hotel. Perhaps that will calm my nerves?


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