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Legwarmers Lightweight but warm my last-minute legwarmers took less than a minute to make (luckily I already had a felted sweater in the closet) / New Jersey / Dec. 2009

How to Make a Great Pair of Legwarmers

  1. Take an old wool sweater, with long sleeves, and wash it in hot water to felt it so the ends won't fray.
  2. Cut the sleeves off at the shoulders.
  3. Slide the sleeves onto your legs (I slid them on so that the smaller cuff part was around my ankle). Done!

They can be worn over stockings (kept my legs extremely warm as I walked through a blizzard), over pants like a pair of gaiters (were great when the snow was almost two feet high), or under pants to keep the cold air from blowing up your legs (if they slouch down too much on bare legs, wear the cuff at the top).


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