The tender breeze of storms
I simply leave this mark of blue

Friends and relations send salutations

Gingercookies The antidote to sad and cold: Aunt Bee's Ginger Cookies warmed my heart, inspired a Christmas Eve song, and were declared the best ginger cookies ever / New Jersey / Dec. 2009

Some sort of random electrical impulses have been flying around me. Clocks that automatically reset themselves. Light bulbs that turn on and off at will. Off then on. On then off. The car clock keeps resetting itself to 12:00. Then the oven clock resets to 12:00. Inside I feel sad and cold. A short-circuit somewhere inside me. Like I need a jolt. A jump. And then this morning a dead car battery. My cheerful rescuer cleaned the terminals and jumped the battery all while singing Bells Will be Ringing. Now the car has a new battery and somehow my heart feels a little better, too, not fully charged, but not resetting to 12:00 either.


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