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A simple tool used to flatten dough

Rollingpin Oh, rolling pin, my rolling pin / Dec. 2009

I'd forgotten what fun it is to use a rolling pin and to work with dough. That distinctive sound of the wood and the ball bearings in the handles. Thump, clickidty, clickidty. Thump, clickidty, clickidty. A memory from childhood. It had been so long since I'd used my rolling pin that I had to root repeatedly through the cabinet until I uncovered it buried way in the back. Flour the board, flour the pin, squish the dough down and roll it out. Cut the shapes. Re-use the scraps. It went by too fast. I'm already planning what to make next. Ginger cookies, I think. Aunt Bee's recipe says to roll them very thin...



I love that sound too. Even though I don't knead my own dough any more (I use the machine), I still like making rolled breads that require the use of the rolling pin.

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