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Ransomnote Am I obsessing? Yes I am. I'm so angry that I don't know what else to do / New Jersey / Dec. 2009


This is my new monthly health insurance premium rate for an HMO with a $30 co-pay. Twice before the rate has gone over $600 and I've been able to get it down by switching plans. This time it looks like there is no place left to go. Oh, wait, there is the plan that my insurance company is trying to hard-sell me. The one they advertised on their web site as "one step up from being uninsured" (this after the thousands of dollars I've paid them over the past 15 years). The one that cuts off payments to doctors after $700 (maybe Senator Lieberman would be interested in that plan). Thanks for that Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. Thanks a lot.

* It would have been $690.33, but, by law, the company is not allowed to raise the premium for renewals by more than 15% in a single year.



If you need to, check out www.ehealthinsurance.com. Minimum coverage plans in NJ begin around $200/month. The minimum plans are basically hospitalization insurance. I have to look into this for Elle. Good luck!

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