The heat braced without burning
Inhale, listen, observe



The colorful scarf I've been working on; piecing together a collection of woven fabrics / New Jersey / Oct. 2009

The spiders have been busy in my house. I keep coming across tiny cobwebs, spun like the finest of silk in odd places, usually only when the light happens to hit them right. A cobweb is really a masterpiece of design and weaving — a network of fine threads spun by a spider. I think of some of the beautiful fabrics that I have been working with — all designed then woven, too. At this time of year some people decorate their houses with fake cobwebs. It occurs to me that perhaps my delicate, woven cobwebs are not a sign of insufficient housekeeping, but rather they are “seasonal decoration” not to mention works of art and design. I resolve to leave them undisturbed. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.



My favorite spot for a cobweb is around the kitchen sink. It's nice to have company while doing the dishes or washing produce. I like to name my spiders and have conversations with them. I don't like the cobwebs along the ceiling, though. They look untidy to me. Beautiful scarf!


Yes, I agree about the cobwebs on the ceiling -- I try to take a swipe at them if I see them. I like the notion of the spiders keeping you company and your having conversations with them -- such a peaceful way to co-exist.

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