Inhale, listen, observe
Comemoração de todos os Fiéis Defuntos

Face-to-face with our psychic integrity


I like the idea of Halloween serving a “more spiritually useful purpose” rather than being a confluence of gluttony and consumerism / New Jersey / Oct. 2009

“In my ideal version of Halloween, we wouldn't scare ourselves with images of ghoulish skeletons, eyeballs floating in cauldrons, and hissing, three-headed snakes. Rather, we'd confront more realistic fears, like the possibility that the effects we have on the world are different from our intentions . . . or that we have not yet reached our potential . . . or that people we like might completely misread and misunderstand us. Then Halloween would serve a more spiritually useful purpose. It would bring us face-to-face with actual dangers to our psychic integrity, whereupon we could summon our brilliant courage and exorcize the hell out of them. Costume suggestion: exorcist. (Begin by exorcising yourself.)”

~ Rob Brezney


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