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A reflection of existence

Of making many books there is no end

New curtains brighten the front room as late afternoon sunlight (fabric is Volumes and Plumes by Anna Maria Horner) / April 2009

Books, books again, and books once more!
These are our theme, which some miscall
Mere madness, setting little store
By copies either short or tall.
But you, O slaves of Shelf and Stall!
We rather write for you that hold
Patched folios dear, and prize “the small,
Rare volume, black with tarnish'd gold.”

~ by British poet Austin Dobson (1840- 1921)


writing an essay

I really love to read. I also want to write a poem or essay about books too; describe how they are useful to me and how I'm thankful that such thing exist on earth.

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I am a book lover myself - to the point of converting half of my closet to books. I have Hemingway and all his contemporaries. Thought of converting to Kindle but then, it can't seem to replace the emotions that I encounter upon flipping book pages.

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