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Of making many books there is no end

It's on the bag

A fabric patch adds style to a dull bag (Anna Marie Horner's Drawing Room line of heavy-weight cotton; Pressed Flowers in Rose) / May 2009

Renew. A tired old bag gets new life with splashes of color and design. My travel bag was looking dull and bedraggled. I sewed on two fabric panels to spruce it up. The front one covers the flap and ugly logo (see a before picture after the jump). I measured the size of the patches, made a template, cut the fabric and then hemmed the edges under. At first I was going to use fabric glue, but wasn't sure it would adhere well enough and I was worried about lots of air bubbles. It was easy to sew on and if gets dull and bedraggled again I can easily sew on another patch.



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