Desire to fly
The ink sings

Creatively endowed it

Fashion City by Nan Xi, 2008, ink on pape / ink not ink exhibit

Nan Xi composes his art using fading ink dots -- similar to a faxed or newspaper photo with many round dots -- and the techniques of broken-ink, accumulate-ink, stained-ink, and washed-ink.

He has "created a metaphor-featured painting mystery close to history and reality. The intention and value of the original images has been doubtlessly disrupted to a large extent and provoked brand-new reflection and questions. Therefore, his recent works always give people various thoughts -- it is certainly not easy to achieve."

"Nan Xi brought us great inspirations. Under the circumstances of digital age, when somebody considers the wash and ink media insignificant and no longer coordinated with the colorful and volatile new life, and have to develop towards abstract ink and wash, he has not only persisted in seeking the new possibilities for this traditional media, but also creatively endowed it with new cultural attributes and mode of expression."

~ Lu Hong writing about the works of Nan Xi


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