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Like the back of a picture

Anton's Prayer book in Croatian that traveled across the sea to America and then back to Croatia / Published in 1902 

Certain words now in our knowledge we will not use again, and we will never forget them. We need them. Like the back of the picture. Like our marrow, and the color in our veins. We shine the lantern of our sleep on them, to make sure, and there they are, trembling already for the day of witness. They will be buried with us, and rise with the rest.

~ Language by W.S. Merwin

Love for all we did have


Irma didn’t want my Dad to take her picture so she grabbed her skirt and pulled it up over her head while Christine and I watched. I’ve never forgotten the moment or the picture. [Happy 90th birthday Irma] / Ricketts Glen, PA / August 1964

“There isn’t many days that go by that I don’t think of the good family I had and the wonderful times as a child on up to old age. We all didn’t have lots of money — but love for all we did have.”

~ cousin Irma

Tangled in memory

So many memories; some lost; some recalled; new ones made; maybe exact memories cannot be recalled but their remnants remain, feelings that glisten like jewels / New Jersey / 2009

I tangle myself in memory,
in my senses, and I drift.
Laws exist,
but I do not know them.
I am watching the wind and the fog
through the branches.
Through petunias and lines of poetry.
On an old cup
something gathers,
and slips inside me.
Poets are good as long as they crack
like fresh asparagus.

~ Meta Kušar, 26