Slightly scary, and vital


Mosaic wall or deadly bombs dropping over an azure blue sea and pale sandy beach in crowded Gaza? / Philadelphia, PA / July 2007

Why do you die on TV?  The BBC World Today asked two writers, one Palestinian and one Israeli, to write an essay on the situation in Gaza:

“Silly children why do you die? Why do you die on TV? We took out our settlers, put a wall around you, locked you in, and still you are ungrateful. Can't you understand our need to bomb you? Why do you die on TV? The world is all against us, it always will be, why can't you help us a little, why do you die on TV?”

~ Israeli writer Daphna Baram

“I stood looking out at an azure blue sea, waves gently lapping against the shore in languid succession. The sky was clear blue as far as the eye could see and the pale sandy beach sloped gracefully into the water. It was a view from the best travel brochure, the perfect beach holiday. Only this was no Riviera — this was Gaza, one of the poorest, most crowded places on earth. ... Now Gaza is a prison, surrounded by fences, fitted with sensors and watchtowers, cut off. The psychological effects of isolation can be imagined.”

~ Palestinian writer Ghada Karmi


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