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Curly-leaved kale

This week's wonderful bounty / New Jersey / Jan. 2009

I joined an organic co-op a few months ago and get a 15-pound box of fresh organic produce every two weeks. It has been fun cooking with things I've never bought before and tasting really fresh fruits and vegetables — I've tasted the sweetest carrots and celery and now I crave good produce more than I crave Tastykakes. A few things I've learned:
  • How to peel a kiwi: cut the ends off and then slide a spoon between the fruit and the skin to separate them.
  • Kale is wonderful — nutritious (high in anti-oxidants and also anti-inflammatory) and tasty and it has those beautiful curly leaves. I made a thick sausage-potato-kale soup. My mother told me that when my great-grandmother was older that she ate kale and potatoes all the time (she lived into her '90s).
  • I've never liked sweet potatoes very much, but if you grate the sweet potatoes and saute them with chopped onion you have a colorful and addictive dish.
  • Acorn squash, apples, and brown sugar baked together is another delicious combination (boil the squash first to make it easier to get the skin off).
(My apologies to the daikon that wilted in the refrigerator before I got to taste it.)


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