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Fufluns' legacy of fun


Fufluns was an Etruscan god of vegetation, vitality, and gaiety — a perfect Thanksgiving deity / New Jersey / Nov. 2008

A common post-Thanksgiving-feast-activity is the breaking of the wishbone. Some say that the Etruscans believed that chickens were fortune-tellers because roosters crowed to announce the start of a new day and hens squawked to announce they were laying an egg. And that the Romans took some of the Etruscan beliefs including one that described the powers of the wishbone to make wishes come true and passed it along to the English who carried it to the New World and Plymouth Rock, transferring its powers to turkeys since they were so plentiful here. At this year's feast the third oldest and the third youngest took part. He grabbed one side of the bone, she grabbed the other side, they each made a wish and pulled to break the bone. Pappy got the bigger half, designating that his wish would come true. But Pappy, being the gentleman that he is, had wished for her wish to come true. I think Fufluns would have approved.


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