Ocularly imprudent
The swish of her sari

Alizarin crimson

Crimson stream of conciousness / New Jersey / Nov. 2008

A few moments ago I heard a sound behind me, turned around and saw nothing out of place. Then I saw it on the floor — one of those pesky, scaly stink bugs that have been infesting our area. I've seen so many of them this year. It would be nice if they were useful. At one time the dried body of a scaly insect called kermes was used to produce a dye called crimson. In the late 19th century, chemists developed Alizarin crimson to replace rose madder; its roots were used to make a light, rose-colored textile dye. “Alizarin” makes me think of the Donovan song:

Colour sky Havana lake     
Colour sky rose carmethene     
Alizarin crimson     

Wear your love like heaven
Wear your love like heaven

~ lyrics from Donovan's Wear Your Love Like Heaven


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