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Car-stewed Applesauce


Car-stewing the apples results in a delicious flavor / New Jersey Apples / Oct. 2008

How to make “Car-stewed Applesauce”:

Buy a basket of local ripe apples at the farmstand for $2. Put the bag in the back seat of your car and forget to take it out when you get home. Two days later, get in the car and wonder what the smell is. Oh, overripe apples. Note to self: remember to take apples out of car. Get in the car the following warm, sunny afternoon and smell really overripe apples. Finally get apples out of car after four days. Leave apples in plastic bag in kitchen for two more days. Decide that something must be done with the bag of $2 apples. Separate all the good apples from those bad apples. Peel the good ones and chop them into small chunks. Put in a pan and cover with water. Cover and heat until water starts to bubble. Turn off heat and let apples stew some more. Stir in dark brown sugar, cinnamon, and fresh lemon juice to taste. Serve hot or cold. Good with yogurt on top. Ahhh, I think this is the best applesauce I ever had.


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