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Your heart must be large


R, like his Pappy, gets the beat / Mountain House / August 2008

Thanks to impermanence,
                    everything is possible.

~ Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh

(Thich also says:
If your cup is small, a little bit of salt will make the water salty. If your heart is small, then a little bit of pain can make you suffer. Your heart must be large.)          

Just another day


Just another day at my desk / New Jersey

Everything melted,
    rained, unraveled,
          became, grew wings,
      attempted flight,
             flopped, tried again,
          Just another day.

~ The Persistence of Yellow by Monique Duval, #317

Right from early morning


A place of perfect contemplation / Mountain House / August 2008

Right from early morning —
the sun has barely made it through the dense maples —
they walk contemplating the holy word: Is

~ Czeslaw Milosz (The Perfect Republic)

A line of continuity


Traveling shoes / Mountain House / Aug. 2008

How strange life is! How incomprehensible! As if I returned from it as from a long journey and tried to remember where I had been and what I had done. I can't quite manage it, and the most difficult part is trying to see myself there. I had intentions, motivations. I made decisions, performed acts. Yet from here that man seems so irrational and absurd. As if he did not act, but was activated by forces that made use of him. For, after all, I wrote many books, here they are, and there he is; how to trace between him and them a line of continuity?

~ poet Czeslaw Milosz