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She summered in outdoor spaces


Bakarska Vodica and ice cream sundaes outside on the terrace / Kostrena, Croatia / May 2005

I've been lucky enough to spend time in wonderful outdoor spaces over the past three days. A backyard at night that felt like a European beer garden with big group tables and tiny cafe tables and handmade bird houses and a water pond and lights strung above our heads and candles everywhere. A backyard that sits on a hill on a perfect summer afternoon (comfortable in the shade and warm in the sun) with a wide deck and swimming pool and tiki bar-with-thatched-roof. A spacious, curved side porch on a centuries-old house with the fading light of the sun and the summer evening sounds of children playing and insects humming all around and then a sudden coolness about an hour after sunset. Truly one of the best parts of summer has to be sharing outdoor spaces with each other and the summer environment.


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