A dialogue with light
Making unlikely connections

The suns of summer


Basking in the light of the summer sun as it sinks into Little Egg Harbor Bay. The light of the sun just before it sets is so calming, gentle, and alive. I have the urge to grab the sun and ask it to linger a while longer. / Beach Haven, New Jersey / July 2008

“The need in these streets of your half-opened
laughter, climbing walls in the afternoon
when the insects blacken the sky.
With the suns of summer came the orders of leisure
and after them an unconditional attachment to life.”

~ an excerpt from With the Suns of Summer (Con los soles del verano) by Colombian poet Fernando Linero; Poetry International Web says of Linero: “Philosophy is a constant influence in his poetry, in which he aspires to exalt humanist values.”


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