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New Caeserea


By the shores of New Caeserea / Wildwood, New Jersey / June 2008

On June 24, 1664 the Duke of York (in England) granted the land between the Delaware and Hudson River in a deed that specified that it “is hereafter to be called by the name or names of New Caeserea or New Jersey.”

The boundaries were specified by the Duke as:
“...all that tract of land adjacent to New England, and lying and being to the westward of Long Island, and Manhitas Island and bounded on the east part by the main sea, and part by Hudson's river, and hath upon the west Delaware bay or river, and extendeth southward to the main ocean as far as Cape May at the mouth of the Delaware bay; and to the northward as far as the northermost branch of the said bay or river of Delaware, which is forty-one degrees and forty minutes of latitude, and crosseth over thence in a strait line to Hudson's river in forty-one degrees of latitude.”


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