Listen for the sizzles
Empower the doves

Majorelle blue


Liberty and Prosperity / New Jersey / June 2007

Last year in a fit of frustration and creativity, and inspired and intoxicated by the color Majorelle blue in the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech, I painted a design in the center of my terracotta courtyard. Having no glorious Majorelle blue paint, I used cobalt and painted like a madman. When I finished I stood over my design and expressed a desire for something. Two days later I heard a musician on the radio talking about creating a piece of art as a symbol and then imbuing it with a wish or desire. He was describing exactly what I had done in my courtyard. He called it a sigil — in essence, the words of a statement of desire or intent are channeled into an abstract design, and then this sigil is charged with fulfilling the will of the creator. A few weeks later I realized that my expressed desire was being fulfilled.



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