The truancy of memory
I see a peace sign

Comes and goes like a bird


Jackie's rainbow in the sky that comes and goes / New Jersey / March 2008

“the voice of love that comes and goes
like a bird and will never be forgotten.”
(the English translation of “Kaleoalohapoina'oleohelemanu)

Ray Kaleoalohapoina'oleohelemanu Kane was a master of the slack-key guitar (a traditional Hawaiian method of playing the guitar where the strings are tuned down, or slackened; slack-key guitarists all tune their guitars differently and the secret tunings are passed down in families). Kane (pronounced KAH-neh) who is often credited with reviving the slack-key style, died on February 27th. “Drawn from the heart and soul out through the fingers, slack key music is sweet and soulful.” (from A Brief History of Hawaiian Slack-Key Guitar)


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