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A newspaper hat


Newspaper pirates / Lake Chrisann / Sept. 2006

The newspaper used to be the perfect material to make a great hat (and sword). I say "used to" because it really doesn't work anymore. When they shrunk the size of the newspaper (due to the increased costs of paper, they said) I think the bigwigs at the papers neglected to take into account the fact that the reduced size would no longer have the right dimensions to make a hat that fit (even little-pirate-sized heads). Did they, I wonder, consider the effect it would have on our cultural and artistic heritage?

A page of newspaper


What is a crab feast without the newspaper? / Lake Chrisann / Sept. 2006

“A page of newspaper is like a wall of a gallery that hundreds of thousands of people can visit without being afraid to enter. You can be on a train, in bed or on a bench in the sun. But the exhibit is ephemeral because the following day, it's gone. It's become a piece of paper used to dry your boots or to peel vegetables.”

~ illustrator Serge Bloch

Rapping at my window


As the ecologists say: we're all downstream / New Jersey / Feb. 2008

This week's posts seemed to have had a water theme, starting with the loss of the hot water heater, the repair of which caused the water to be turned off at times. In draining the tank we tried to save some of the water by diverting it to the clothes washer. Unfortunately, sediment buildup in the tank caused the water to turn a bit brown -- not so good for washing clothes. Instead the plants outside were watered. Now the new tank is in ("Herculisa" helped Paulo get it down the steep, narrow basement stairs). Once again water -- both hot and cold -- flows into the sinks. Today the sky has opened and the rain has been rapping at my windows all day. I am reminded how precious water is.