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The task at hand


Edna hanging clothes in the backyard / Baltimore, MD / circa 1951

Seeing this picture prompted Auntie Mary to write:
    Grandmom hanging clothes in the back yard on Edmondson Avenue awakened many memories. On the coldest of days, Grandmom hung the laundry out of doors (no clothes dryers then). I can see her blowing on her hands preparing to hang the next item. In her house dress pockets or jacket were the clothes pins. The clothes line was propped up with clothes props. In winter the clothes would freeze on the line. Most noticeable was the sheets. They would be stiff because they were frozen when Grandmom brought them in. What happened with the sheets then, I think they were laid or hung by the furnace. When the weather was good, there wasn't anything sweeter smelling than to get into bed with fresh sheets that were dried in the fresh air.

β€œThe posture itself is satori.”

    ~ Taisen Deshimaru

Satori means β€œunderstanding” and is a Japanese Buddhist term for enlightenment. It is said that satori can be reached by devoting oneself completely to the task at hand.


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