His own heart laughed
Sing of morning

Think about each other


In memory of Merchant Marine seaman JMC / port and destination unknown / circa 1940s

Old people say that whenever
someone lights a cigarette from a candle
a sailor dies.

Among sailors, I suppose,
there is a belief that when they shave
in a odd direction, an academic dies.

So they try not to shave.
The point is that we think
About each other.

~ Beliefs by Gregory O'Donoghue



Thank you.

lisa tracy

The picture and message are beautiful. He was and is indeed the founder of many good things and beautiful people. Shalom.

O voyagers, O seamen, You who came to port, and you whose bodies
Will suffer the trial and judgment of the sea,
Or whatever event, this is your real destination.'
So Krishna, as when he admonished Arjuna
On the field of battle.
Not fare well,
But fare forward, voyagers.
-- t.s. eliot

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