Concerning thee to his angels
And our hearts thrilled

Sentimental hogwash


View from the Gingerbread Train / New Jersey / Dec. 2007

It's one of my favorite lines from It's A Wonderful Life. Sentimental hogwash. We watched the DVD version last night, and all kinds of details -- that I'd never noticed in B&W TV versions or even the colored VHS version -- jumped off the screen. My niece even noticed that a painting that was on the wall in Ma and Pa Bailey's house, later showed up in George and Mary Bailey's house. In the final scene, I noticed a framed image of butterflies (couldn't tell if they were silhouettes or actual mounted butterflies). You could see the actual tears in George Bailey's eyes. One of those movies that's fun to watch over and over again.

[This is the definition of sentimental:  1. a. Characterized or swayed by sentiment. b. Affectedly or extravagantly emotional. 2. Resulting from or colored by emotion rather than reason or realism.
This is the definition of hogwash: n. Worthless, false, or ridiculous speech or writing; nonsense. Garbage fed to hogs; swill]


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