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Watch us dance!


The Glow-Stick-Figure Dancers spell out L-O-V-E / Lake Chrisann / Sept. 2007

To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.

-- Hopi Indian saying

Better to light a candle


G's fireworks ("the best ting I ever haw" -- R) / Lake Chrisann / Sept. 2007

Better to light a candle
    than to curse the darkness.

-- Chinese proverb

Let there be everywhere


V's Mountain House Family Portrait (Colored Pencil on Paper) / Lake Chrisann / August 2007

Let there be everywhere our voices, our eyes,
our thoughts, our love,
our actions, breathing hope . . .

-- Sonia Sanchez

Summer passed superbly by


Detail from Pap's "Summer Afternoon on the Lake" mural / Lake Chrisann, PA / August 2007

  When Life's pulse beat strong and high
  Shone the world in gold and blue!
Canopied with turquoise sky
Summer passed superbly by,
  Bluest midnight cupped the dew
  Golden morn might sparkle through!

— from "Gold" by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay (1875-1928)